Protect Your Interest With Our Hidalgo County Attorneys

Protect Your Interests with Our Hidalgo County Attorneys

Do you wish to finally accomplish your dreams through the process of immigration to the United States? Are you currently involved in a serious business dispute or conflict? Have you or someone you love been injured due to someone else's negligence? Do you fear a criminal conviction due to an arrest in Texas? If so, our qualified Hidalgo County lawyers at De La Garza & Ramirez Attorneys at Law can handle all of these types of legal issues - and more!

Our legal team can consult with you during a case consultation via telephone or from our Edinburg offices to discuss your rights in the following areas of practice:

Immigration and Nationality Law

Whether you are an individual looking to come to the United States to join your family in the Hidalgo County area, or you are a foreign investor coming to America for a business interest, our legal team has the extensive experience to help you achieve your immigration dreams. We have handled more than 1,000 unique immigration matters in the course of less than 5 years - a legal feat that few immigration attorneys can attest to.

Business Law

As knowledgeable Hidalgo County lawyers, we can be trusted as legal counsel for numerous business law matters. Whether you need advice as you start a new business or seek guidance in minimizing liability as an established business, we are here to provide you with savvy business and legal counsel. Additionally, we can serve as your trusted ally through the process of complex business litigation issues, shareholder conflicts, or business partner disputes.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen all the time, but if someone else's negligence directly caused your accident, you will need a dedicated personal injury lawyer who is prepared to fight for the full amount of compensation you deserve. We have represented individuals and bereaving family members after serious auto accidents, premises liability accidents, and workplace accidents.

Criminal Defense

Any type of criminal arrest could be a life-changing experience for anyone in the Hidalgo County area. If you or someone you love has been arrested or charged with a crime, you must speak with a skilled attorney immediately. We are licensed to practice in state and federal courts and can do whatever is needed to protect and preserve your freedoms.